Firearm Rental

Rental pass:  $25.00 (per lane)

**** The rental pass allows you to shoot a wide variety of firearms.   High Caliber ammunition must be utilized in our rentals and must be purchased separately .  

We do not allow anyone to shoot their own ammo in our guns.  

Guns we have for rent include:

GSG FIREFLY (22LR)Ruger SR22 (22LR)Glock 44 (22LR)
Remington 597 (22LR)Shield EZ (380ACP)Glock 42 (380ACP)
Glock 43X (9MM)Glock 48 (9MM)Glock 17 Gen 5 (9mm)
Glock 19 Gen 5 (9MM)Glock 45 (9MM)Springfield Hellcat (9MM)
Sig P365XL (9MM)Ruger Security 9 (9MM)Glock 34 (9MM)
Glock Conversion Kit (9MM)Sig P320 (9MM)Canik TP9SF (9MM)
Shadow Systems MR920 (9MM)Ruger PC Carbine 9mmTaurus 856 (38 SPL)
Glock 22 (40S&W)S&W SD40VE (40S&W)Springfield XD (40S&W)
Sig P229 (40S&W)Glock 23 (40S&W)SDS Imports 1911 (45ACP)
Glock 21 (45ACP)MOSSBURG 12GADiamondback AR-15s
Suppressors:Rugged ObsidianDead Air Sandman-S