Range Rules


Brass and aluminum casing only. SLUGS ONLY WITH SHOTGUNS 
All firearms should be action open, magazine out, cased or holstered prior to entering the building.  
All firearms must remain on the firing line table.  If you are transitioning your firearm from a case or holster, it must be done at the firing line. 

  • Treat all guns as if they are always loaded.
  • Let the Range Counter Attendant know if you have never fired a gun before. We welcome new shooters and want you to be comfortable on the range and enjoy your time with us. Our trained RSO staff will provide instruction, supervision and encouragement.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger unless your sights are on the target.
  • Never let your muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
  • Always be certain of your target.
  • Only one person may shoot at a time with a maximum of two persons per shooting stall.
  • For safety reasons, all guns and ammunition will be inspected before entering the range.  Please present all your ammunition for inspection to the RSO when checking in to shoot.
  • Only handle your loaded firearm on the firing line.  When arriving at the range, all guns must be stored in a case or range bag and must be unloaded.  All guns must be unloaded prior to leaving the range. The exception to this rule is your concealed carry piece, which may be loaded.  It may only be un-holstered or holstered for use while within your shooting station.
  • When loading or unloading your firearm, keep the muzzle pointed downrange (toward the target area).  The muzzle should never sweep stations to your right or left, or any part of your body.
  • Do not dangle your pistol at your side.  The firearm should be at the ready, on target, or grounded on the shooting station.
  • Do not turn around with a firearm in your hand.  If needed, turn your head to speak to a Range Safety Officer (RSO), instructor, etc.  Keep your firearm pointed down range, finger off the trigger and raise your hand for assistance. If you experience a problem with your firearm, please leave the gun on the shelf and contact the RSO for further instruction.
  • Shoot only at authorized targets in authorized frames and carriers within your shooting station. No cross-lane shooting is allowed.
  • Presentation from a holster is not allowed.
  • Always obey all commands of the designated RSO.  The RSO has complete authority over all shooters in the live fire area.  Failure to obey an RSO is grounds for immediate removal without refund and/or revocation of membership.
  • If you observe any unsafe behavior or condition by anyone, report it to the RSO immediately.
  • Proper safety equipment for eyes and ears is required at all times for shooters in the live fire area. Hearing protection devices may be either the passive or electronic type.
  • There shall be no use of intoxicants or tobacco products of any kind on the range.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone suspected of being under the influence of intoxicants.
  • Individuals 16 years and younger are not allowed on the range premises unless they are under the direct supervision of an adult, who shall be responsible and keep them behind the firing line and out of danger zones.
  • Individuals 16 years and younger may fire on the range only when under the direct supervision of their guardian.
  • The range shall not be responsible for personal property or equipment left on the premises.
  • DO not use any iPods, phones or cameras while out on the range for safety reasons.
  • Do not create any type of distraction that can cause a safety issue.
  • No smoking, eating or drinking in range area.
  • Wash your hands each time you leave the range.
  • Pregnant women are not permitted in the live area.
  • Anyone causing damage to range equipment or facilities shall be personally and monetarily liable for such damage.
  • Inidivduals that fail to follow these rules, will be asked to leave.